Technical Information

Genel Görünüm

Sultan II. It was built by İzzettin Keykavus in 1249 and is a Seljuk work of 756 years. This monumental caravanserai, which sits on a total area of 2000 m2, is a plan-form of the classical Sultan Khan and consists of summer and winter sections. There is a masjid on the entrance iwan, a large courtyard, a portico with a fountain on the left side of the entrance, 6 rooms covered with barrel vaults around the courtyard, porches sitting on 5 rows of feet, a closed winter section and a panoramic terrace.

Outdoor Area (Courtyard)

The courtyard of our caravanserai is perfect for events when the weather is nice or during the summer months. Our courtyard, which has a total area of ​​635 m2, consists of two sections: Portico Area (Market Area) and Open Area. Depending on the content of the activity, it is preferable to use a portion as well as all of them.

Closed Area

The closed area of ​​our caravanserai is the most suitable area for use in bad weather or winter months. The closed area of ​​598 m2 was opened to use as a barn in old times and as a restaurant today. Lighting and sound ambience of this area is perfect because of the stone structure of the natural air-conditioning effect.


Our caravanserai also has independent rooms and is one of the most beautiful areas suitable for use according to the activity content. Our rooms are formerly Han Management (16.2 m2), Turkish Bath (27.7 m2), Han Agha's Room (42.4 m2), Han Agha's Bedroom (25.5 m2), Veterinary and Physician Room ( 32,3 m2), Merchant Room (24.1 m2), Guest Room (27.7 m2) and Çeşme (Şadırvan (Half of which is connected to the courtyard)). Due to its stone structure, it has sound ambience and natural air-conditioning effect.

Outdoor Area (Parking)

The parking section of our caravanserai (including the garden) consists of a very large area and it is not even possible for our guests to experience parking problems if they come with their vehicles. This area has served to the content of the event, promotions, fireworks, nevruz fires, various competitions and contents.