Special Events

Our caravanserai is suitable for multi-purpose use and also caters for visual activities. Due to its historical structure, it has a perfect space concept. It is the ideal environment for your special days and various organizations. Our caravanserai, which has hosted many events to date, is the most popular place in the region and supports many organizations. You can use our offer form to get more information or to evaluate venue price performance.

Saruhan Caravanserai has indoor and outdoor areas where concerts, parties, festivals and corporate events take place, as well as separate rooms. According to the content of the event, suitable for standing and table arrangements, large parking facilities and easy access to the facilities for guests with a high quality. The magnificent entrance door is perfectly decorated for special welcome and treats. You can visit the name of our guests, who prefer us in these kinds of activities and to get a better idea.

Some of the uses that have been performed so far and which please the event owners:

Fan Meetings
Press Meetings
Stage Screenings
University Events
Fair and Hospitality
Cocktails and Parties
Congress and Meetings
Film and Series Filming
Graduation Ceremonies
Signature Meetings Days
Educational Conferences
Openings and Promotions
Dance and Voice Competitions
Local and Traditional Annual Events
TV Discussion and Session Programs
Painting and Photography Exhibitions
Fashion Show and Special Presentations
Wedding and Engagement Organizations

More detailed information about our caravanserai for your special events is given below.